Cross Country from Anihera’s Point of View

I was feeling nervous standing at the start line waiting for Miss Hadwin to clap the blocks.  My mates and I had made a plan, that we would all jog up the monstrous hill together, but none of us stuck to it, we ended up just doing our own thing.  

Finally Miss Hadwin clapped the blocks  we sprinted over the blue tarpaulin covering the spiky gorse that led to the fence blocking the way up towards the steep hill, that hill was a real mission .


By the time I reached the top of the hill I was puffed, but I kept running I found a rhythm by breathing in one…two and out one…two…. I didn’t really mind if I came last as long as I gave it a try that’s all that mattered to me .


Eventually I reached the top of the hill and jogged to the next course it had all sorts of hills, up-hills, down-hills and one big straight.  In my head I was starting to get muddled up, there was confusing things along the way, like I couldn’t really tell whether there was horse poop or mud because it all looked the same, so I made sure to run on the grass. There were also heaps of potholes, deep enough to sprain your ankle.


Well anyway I made my way towards the last part of the track up the little hill over the green fence, across the road and a lane marked with white rope on both sides of it to show the finish line at the end.   I finally crossed through the finishing string yay!


I remember when I  crossed the finish line, my legs were feeling sore, my head was pounding, I was a bit dizzy and I was parched and thirsty and my feet were as dirty as gumboots.


In the end I felt happy and  proud of myself for doing the cross country and not giving up.

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Paihia School Cross Country Information

Our annual school Cross Country will take place THURSDAY 18TH AUGUST at the Bledisloe Domain.

The bus will leave school at 11.15 with the first run due to take place at 11.30.

Please make sure your child has a packed lunch, water to drink and warm clothes to put on after the race.

The P.T.A. will be running a sausage sizzle and cake stall for children to purchase on the day.

See you all there

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Term 3 News

This term students will have a opportunity to be involved in Paihia School Olympic Day, Paihia School Cross country and inter-school cross country, Golf lessons, kapa haka, an E-Learning and movie making – not to mention lots more learning about reading, writing and maths.

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On the 24th June, some Paihia School students went to MAROMAKU to play Rugby and Netball.

All the teams did really well.   We found out that the year 5 netball team and *MMP got into the finals!

The Years 3 & 4 Netball won all there games and then won the final!

But our rugby team did not get into the finals but they won 2 games.

Good on them for going and representing our school.


*Maromaku, Motetou and Paihia played Netball together which is the year 6 team.


Playing on the grass court
Arohina with a huge vertical jump
Year 3 & 4 Netball



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On Friday, 24 June 2016 some students from some classes will be going to Maramaku and will be playing rugby, rippa and tackle and some students will be playing netball. 

Go Paihia School!

Good on them for going to Maramaku! 🙂

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