The Mural

We were asked by the Rotary Club in Paihia if we could help them brighten up the back of the Paihia Memorial Hall by creating a mural that showed what was special about Paihia School and the area that we live.

We decided to divide the mural into six puzzle pieces. To figure out how we were going to get the six items for the puzzle piece, we all sat down (the people who got chosen) and talked about the special things and what makes our school special.



Mr Halliday has served this school for more than twenty years being the caretaker and the school library got named after him.

Te Waka Awhina is the school whare and was named after a lady called Whaea Awhina. The whare means a lot to Paihia School.

Hands of Nationalities represent all the different nationalities and cultures at Paihia School. The hands are different sizes representing everyone big and small.

The Beach represents how close we live to the beach and how lucky we are to live in our environment.

Paihia School shows our school name and colours.

The Waka is to represent the waka in Waitangi which is Ngatokimatawhaorua. This is the longest waka in New Zealand and we live so close to it.

We enjoyed working on the mural and feel proud whenever we see it on the hall.