Corner of Dreams

 The Corner of Dreams was started in 1999 and finished in 2002 on 3rd May. It all took 3 years to design and build but it was all worth it.

It was an endless inspiration of many artists, young and old. It was all designed and built by Martha Meyer with the help of many young students of Paihia school, with contributions from local artist around northland that helped build the magnificent building called ‘The corner of dreams’.

Martha Meyer made the Corner of Dreams for people’s imagination and as the name says for your dreams too. It is a playful area for your imagination to run wild.

To all creative children – which are all children until they are told otherwise. By Martha Meyer

Curves of hidden dreams inspire the innocent eye twirling child's like joy.
By Lois Meyer

Inspirations: Antonio Gaudi, Joan Miro, Precolumbian Art-Andean, Paul Klee, Fredrick Hundertwasser, Pablo Picasso, Vasily Kandinsky, Gustav Klim, Henri Matisse, Karel Appel, Jean Dubuffet.

Sponsors: Paihia School, BOI Rotary Club, Jill and Roger Toplis, Lion Foundation, Signs 2 B Seen.