Bus Information


The Ministry of Education provides free transport for children from Waitangi, Haruru Falls, Watea and Te Haumi.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Mrs Michelle Williams is our Bus Controller. Bus company rules apply and a high standard of behaviour is expected at all times so all students travel safely. No eating, shouting or changing seats while the bus is traveling. Any student who does not travel safely may risk being removed from the bus. We do not want your child to be the cause of an accident. A handbook is available that further explains the roles and responsibilities of children using school transport. Please notify the school of changes to normal transport arrangements to or from school.


These are the approximate times


8:00am Watea loop 3:05pm Depart Paihia School

8:05am Paihia Ece bus stop & Haruru Dairy 3:10pm Waitangi, then Te Haumi

8:15am Arrive at Paihia School 3:30pm Bus returns to School

8:23am Arrive Te Haumi Heights 3:40pm Paihia ECC bus stop & Haruru dairy

8:30am Waitangi loop 3:45pm Watea Loop

8:40am Arrive at Paihia School

Bus controller: Michelle Williams (027) 634 0606

Bus company: Perry Clark (09) 404 0096