Emergency Evacuation & Lockdowns

Emergency, Evacuation and Lockdown Procedure

EMERGENCY (eg fire, school closure)

  • Continuous bell rung.

  • All students and staff assemble immediately by the senior playground in class rows.

  • Teachers to call roll and inform Principal as soon as complete.

  • Principal to ensure 111 has been called if applicable and advise everyone of next action.


  • Teachers to instruct students to get under desks or tables and hold on. Teachers to do so too.

    • All staff and students to remain inside and go NOWHERE until told by the Principal that all is clear or three short bells.


  • Bell rung on and off at least ten times (ie continuous).

  • If students are inside, teachers to immediately take their class up School Road. Te Awa and Te Moana go out the backway by the RSA, Te Maunga and Te Ngahere exit via back path, Nga Motu exit via front entrance.

  • If students are outside, all move immediately up School Road.

  • Teachers and staff to move with any and all students.

  • Staff and students with walking difficulties or injured (and pregnant staff) to go in school van driven by Gina.

  • Jane to check toilets then exit school.

  • Jo (wearing high viz vest) to manage traffic until Jane arrives.


  • Bell rung one short, one long at least ten times (ie continuous)

Staff and students

  • If in class, the library or whare remain there.

  • If outside – immediately return to their classroom.

  • If students are in the pool immediately get out and go into the changing sheds. Teacher and teacher aide to remain there with students.

  • All doors locked or bolted.

  • Curtains pulled if applicable.

  • Students to be out of sight if possible.

  • Staff and student safety is paramount. It exceeds toileting and drinking water needs.

  • All staff and students to remain inside and go NOWHERE until told by the Principal that all is clear or three short bells rung.


  • Ring 111.

  • Jane to go to office via the back door to lock office area and assist office staff if necessary.

  • If possible – record conversation, license plate number and vehicle type, exit route.

  • In the event of a student becoming violent – office to be informed. ALL family contacts to be phoned by the office. If no family member available or not on site within fifteen minutes police to be phoned to assist. The rest of the students move to another class with TA to be supervised there with another teacher. Violent student to be exited from the class or left in the class which ever is easiest and safest. Lockdown procedure implemented if necessary.