Bus Transport



“Together we learn and prepare for the future”

A guide for parents and children at Paihia School

Dear Parents and Bus Pupils,

Getting to and from school safely is something the school takes very seriously. As a large number of pupils come by bus, it is important to know what the roles and responsibilities of the school, the bus driver, the children and the parents are, in relation to school bus transport.

We all have a role to play in ensuring the children travelling on the bus are safe. It is important to clarify who is responsible for what. The following guidelines are to help everyone better understand school transport.

Jane Lindsay


Rules for children travelling on the School Bus

  • Children are not allowed to board or get off the bus while it is moving.
  • Children must sit down if there are seats available.
  • Children are not permitted to stand in a position that could interfere with the driver’s vision.
  • After leaving the bus, children are to wait on the side of the road until it has moved off. (Parents, please wait on the same side of the road as the bus when meeting your children.)
  • Children are to remain seated on the bus in the event of a breakdown, unless it is unsafe to do so. (If children have to leave the bus they are under the control of the driver.)

Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour

Children are under the control of the school when travelling by School Bus from the time they leave home until they return home. The school expects children to follow the following guidelines relating to behaviour on the bus

  • No eating or drinking (bottled water only)
  • No unacceptable language
  • No bullying or violence
  • No getting out of or changing seats while the bus is moving
  • No shouting or yelling
  • No kneeling on the seats or sitting on arm rests
  • Any damage done to the bus will result in the pupil being banned from riding on the bus until the damage has been paid for.

Please Note:

No child will be removed from the bus during the journey to and from home. The child will either be taken home or returned to school at which time parents will be contacted.

Problems with the Driver

If parents have an issue regarding the bus, please contact the Bus Controller (Michelle Williams Rm 5, Paihia School).

It is the principal’s responsibility to discuss any issues with the driver and or the bus company.

There are times when children’s behaviour on the bus is inappropriate and the driver has to deal with a child because he/she is putting everyone on the bus at risk. If the driver is unable to concentrate on the task at hand (driving the bus), children’s safety is compromised.

The following procedures will be followed when the school has to deal with inappropriate behaviour by children on the bus.

  • If the child’s behaviour is a minor , isolated incident the child will be spoken to by the bus driver.
  • If the child’s inappropriate behaviour continues, the driver will inform the Bus Controller. At this point in time the school will communicate with the home, either through a note home or phone call. The Bus Controller will discuss the inappropriate actions with the child. At this stage the child will be warned that if the behaviour continues he/she will not be allowed to use the bus for three days.
  • In situations where the behaviour is deemed to be of a very serious nature, the child could be banned from using the bus from the following day, for an indefinite period of time