Te Tahuna 2018

Te Tahuna is the name of our new class. “Life is a Beach” is the theme one student suggested is the motto for our class.

We are a class of twenty-nine  Year Four students. Most of us have been at Paihia School since we were five years old. This year we  have welcomed three new students in our class. Our teacher Mrs Neumann has been teaching at Paihia School for nearly thirty years in many different roles and class levels.

We have some fabulous new furniture in our tiny  room and we have some new exciting areas in our class and are going to develop  outdoor learning spaces that will be fun to learn in as there are so many of us  and we’d like to recreate a beach theme. This year is our first year to use chromebooks, most of us did not even have our own  digital devices last year, so together with our teacher Mrs Neumann we are all “learning together to prepare for the future.” we are going to have fun learning together using a variety of intelligences that will support our different learning styles. We are fortunate to have a beautiful mural on our outside wall that was created by some of our parents with Martha Meyer. Please keep reading our class blog and individual blogs , adding comments and seeing the exciting things we will be learning and sharing with you. You are always welcome to join us in our learning journey.