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Welcome to Te Awa
We are the new entrant class at Paihia School. At present we have eighteen amazing five year old students who all have very positive and enthusiastic attitudes towards their learning. Each student is assessed in reading, writing, maths, alphabet letter knowledge, colour recognition and oral language when they have been at school for a month. From this information I make sure that each student is engaged in learning activities which cater to their individual set of needs. ALL parents, caregivers and extended whanau are made to feel welcome in Te Awa and we often are lucky enough to have whanau helping us with our learning programme. Pre school visitors (an a caregiver) are invited to join us in Te Awa for Thursday morning visit (9am till 10.40am) for six week before they turn five. This makes their transition from pre-school very easy and enjoyable. Please enjoy our blog.



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