Nga Motu



Nga Motu is a learning environment for our Year 2 and 3 pupils.  It has 57 children and 3 teachers, Anne-Maree Cameron, Denise Hadwin and Michelle Williams.  We also have two fantastic Teacher Aides, Gina and Brigitte.  We work together for some of the day, and at other times we break into groups so that we can target the needs and abilities of the pupils.  We are all loving our new environment and are all enjoying collaborating together.

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Te Maunga



Te Maunga 


Kia ora , we are Te Maunga.  We are an awesome group of year 4 and 5 students who are working really hard to become self directed learners who plan their own learning based on our current achievements and learning needs, with the help of Whaea Becks and Shirley.  


We aim to share our learning journey and would love for you to have a look and let us know what you think.


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Te Ngahere





Kia ora we are Te Ngahere.  This year we are focusing on becoming independent learners, through self assessment and creating our own learning plans, with the support of Whaea Chrissy, Mrs Pou and Whaea Ronnie.  We are strongly focused on our values, the four Hoe; Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Tu Maia and Kaha.  Please take the time to watch our learning journey this year, through our individual and class blogs.




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Te Awa


Welcome to Te Awa
We are the new entrant class at Paihia School. At present we have eighteen amazing five year old students who all have very positive and enthusiastic attitudes towards their learning. Each student is assessed in reading, writing, maths, alphabet letter knowledge, colour recognition and oral language when they have been at school for a month. From this information I make sure that each student is engaged in learning activities which cater to their individual set of needs. ALL parents, caregivers and extended whanau are made to feel welcome in Te Awa and we often are lucky enough to have whanau helping us with our learning programme. Pre school visitors (an a caregiver) are invited to join us in Te Awa for Thursday morning visit (9am till 10.40am) for six week before they turn five. This makes their transition from pre-school very easy and enjoyable. Please enjoy our blog.



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To find Te Awa’s blog click here

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Te Moana

DSC04167.JPGUntitled drawing

Te Moana is the name of our new class.

We are a class of twenty-five predominantly Year Four students. Most of us have been at Paihia School since we were five year olds. This year we  have welcomed three new students in our class. Our teacher Mrs Neumann taught half the class last year and the other students were in Room Three but worked collaboratively with the other Year Three’s last year.

We have some fabulous new furniture in our room and we have some new exciting areas in our class that will be fun to learn in. This year is our first year to use chromebooks, most of us did not even have digital devices last year, so together with our teacher Mrs Neumann we are all “learning together to prepare for the Future.” we are going to have fun learning together using a variety of intelligences that will support our different learning styles.

We are fortunate to have a beautiful mural on our outside wall that was created by some of our parents with Martha Meyer many years ago when Mrs Neumann worked with her and the special students. Please keep reading our blog, adding comments and seeing the exciting things we will be learning and sharing with you.


This is the link to Te Moana’s site

This is the link to Te Moana’s blog

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