Tim Tipene

On Thursday May 11th an author Tim Tipene came to our school to talk about books he wrote,he read us some of his books and he tells us story’s about his life.He write 10 books.Tim Tipene  was really fun, we enjoined his visit. But He had to leave eventually. Soon his visit was over so one of the kids stood up and said good by and thanked him for coming. We had an amazing time with Tim Tipene and we hope he can ever come again.  :-) 

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Parent Information Evening

The parent information evening will take place on Wednesday 30th November at 5.30pm in our whare.

We will discuss some exciting developments at Paihia School. As a result of the work we are doing with our cluster of schools, researchers Woolf Fisher, plus the findings of the Education Review Office, we are going to create a modern and innovative learning environment for our students. We have already started with the introduction of digital devices, Blogs and Sites. We are now planning to change how classrooms are set up in 2017.

We have some inspiring teachers who are going to take collective responsibility for some groups of children rather than individual classes. I should point out that our new entrant class will remain unaffected. This change is being driven by teachers. The benefits of this are teacher strengths and expertise can be utilised to benefit student learning. Additionally students can take more responsibility for their learning and will have increased opportunities to learn from each other.

There will be small changes to buildings to accommodate this as well. The Room numbers 0 – 8 at Paihia School will go. Each learning area will have its own name. The current furniture we have resembles the furniture from the 1900’s, especially the individual desks. We have ordered new furniture that will create an environment where children can work on the floor, at a high table on stools, individually, with a group or with the teacher. The learning environment will be colourful and creative.

We will put on a sausage sizzle. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Links for Parents

Did you know that we are working on a page specifically set up for parents?  This page will provide links to various websites for you to assist with your children’s learning.  These may be sites the children are already familiar with or they may be teaching sites, aimed at explaining to you, what and how your child is learning.

This will be regular updates with new sites, worksheets and useful games for your kids to take a look at.

Take a look via the “Classrooms & Staff” menu or click here.

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Paihia School’s New Playground


We are lucky to have another extraordinary playground at Paihia School along with the other two. This playground is for rooms 6,7 and 8. This playground includes:

  1. Net swing.
  2. Climbing wall.
  3. Round spinning bars.
  4. Monkey bars.
  5. A net wall

The swing is a big hit on the new playground with all the kids rushing to it.

playground-shots_30160395740_o playground-shots_30421740406_o playground-shots_30371581791_o playground-shots_29825767413_o


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Cross Country from Anihera’s Point of View

I was feeling nervous standing at the start line waiting for Miss Hadwin to clap the blocks.  My mates and I had made a plan, that we would all jog up the monstrous hill together, but none of us stuck to it, we ended up just doing our own thing.  

Finally Miss Hadwin clapped the blocks  we sprinted over the blue tarpaulin covering the spiky gorse that led to the fence blocking the way up towards the steep hill, that hill was a real mission .


By the time I reached the top of the hill I was puffed, but I kept running I found a rhythm by breathing in one…two and out one…two…. I didn’t really mind if I came last as long as I gave it a try that’s all that mattered to me .


Eventually I reached the top of the hill and jogged to the next course it had all sorts of hills, up-hills, down-hills and one big straight.  In my head I was starting to get muddled up, there was confusing things along the way, like I couldn’t really tell whether there was horse poop or mud because it all looked the same, so I made sure to run on the grass. There were also heaps of potholes, deep enough to sprain your ankle.


Well anyway I made my way towards the last part of the track up the little hill over the green fence, across the road and a lane marked with white rope on both sides of it to show the finish line at the end.   I finally crossed through the finishing string yay!


I remember when I  crossed the finish line, my legs were feeling sore, my head was pounding, I was a bit dizzy and I was parched and thirsty and my feet were as dirty as gumboots.


In the end I felt happy and  proud of myself for doing the cross country and not giving up.

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